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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by 4NutzinYoface View Post
I am not sure if I should be posting in this forum whatever it will be moved if its not (not sure which X-Men board I can get the best answer on)..not trying to cause trouble I just ACTUALLY want to know..

WHY does everyone LAMBASTE and beat the **** out of "X-Men: 3"?!?

I watched it again it is awesome! Beast, Colossus, Juggernaut, Magneto, Wolverine, Mystique, Storm, Ice Man ALLLLL of these awesome characters BRING IT in this movie!!

The action scenes are phenomenal and exciting and there is a cool story, the pacing is great, there are funny moments, it doesn't drag the characters seemed to be connected and not totally different from the previous 2 films directed by Bryan Singer. Ok so maybe I dunno what..people have a personal vendetta with Ratner? Maybe they dislike the guy. I don't know him myself, and I happen to really enjoy all his other movies. They are fun and I get enjoyment out of them. So granted Archangel could have been utilized more but....REALLY what is the deal?

I am not trying to push my opinion down anyones throat so if you really didnt like the movie lol that's cool too.

I just really felt it was awesome and a childhood dream to see Beats, Colossus, Juggs, and everyone else on screen...AND just kicking ass left right and center.


Sorry but that movie was awful from every angle.

1. Killing off Cyclops at the beginning off screen, no real explanation as to why - Remember Jean didn't just go killing everyone but only when agitated, so her killing Xavier actually made some sense but Cyclops? What the heck did he ever do to her?

2. Wasted use of Colosuss. As another poster said Colosus was perfectly teased in X2 so why is his use so minimilzed in this film? Also you have Juggernaught and Colosuss in the same film....a yet they never fight? No instead we have kitty pride run thru a wall let Jugs knock himself out! Really?!

3. Wasted use of Angel. Great actor, great look, even an compelling intro to the character but them he does...nothing. Yep.

4. Phoenix. I don't mind it being a part of Jean's personality instead of an alien entity but could we at least show some internal conflict instead of just going full on crazy, killing indiscriminately with no real motive and then no redemption! Nothing. No glimpse of Jean, no remorse at Scott's death, nothing, just Wolverine (again saving the day) but killing her. Waste.

5. Wolverine being the sole focus of the film...again! You've already had two movies featuring him, now there's a third then he gets two spinoff movies. come on! Can you say over exposure. Hugh is a great actor but frankly I can't wait until we actually get an X-men minus him.

6. Psylocke and some of the other morlocks in name only. too many characters just thrown in for their for no reason.

7. Magento's master plan...toss cars into the air while pyro sets them on fire Consider me underwhelmed.

That's just off the top of my head.

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