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Default Re: The official JUSTICE discussion thread

Dude, I know what I'm saying....I typed it out.

Understand what I'm saying. He has a sense of humor, as do I. So you and GAH don't have a sense of humor?

He sees John Stewart and he jokingly says, "The ***** Green Lantern saves the day" or whatever phrase he uses. It's not an inside joke because he does it around tons of other people. And, I guess we're all just a bunch of deadbeats here in Pittsburgh, people LAUGH! Wow. People with a sense of humor and not with a giant stick up their ass.

Just like he jokes about how there needs to be a ***** Spider-Man. He says that Supreme Power gave him his ***** Batman and ***** Flash. But he needs a ***** Spider-Man. See, now I'm just being overly zealous with the *****. Sorry.

But,'s just a joke and it's not even an inside joke. It's just him busting balls because there are tons and tons of Green Lanterns and only one of them is black, heh. But yeah...

Oh, and did I mention that this friend of BLACK, right? I mean it wouldn't really be much of a joke if it wasn't a black guy. But, yeah, I guess people are just crazy prudes? Did the Bush administration really have THAT much affect on people?

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