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Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
Plus the first two Iron Man end credits were needed. They needed to establish the Universe and help give people something to talk about going into Thor.

Now? The universe is more than established. Thor is known to 1 billion dollars worth of people. So why not let Iron Man 3 ... be what everyone has been calling it? A stand alone film. Let it be about Tony and just Tony (and a lil Bruce)
I'm not even sure the second Iron Man's post credits-scene was needed, most of the people staying behind are the fans and they already knew who Thor was and it was coming out. I liked the scene, but it really there wasn't much in it. I would've much rather they kept the Iron Man, but not Tony scene for post-credits.

Until Spidey and MJ are back together again, Make Mine DC, 'nuff said.
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