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Default Re: Ant-Man Casting Thread

No, I think that's an accurate point. The fact is, just because Cumberbatch is a great actor does not mean he'd make a great Pym. Think of Cumberbatch's best acting traits, his commanding voice, his theatricality... Those seem much more suited to other characters, like Strange or a villain... I feel that Pym needs somewhat more of an everyman. He's a scientist but he's not the egotist that is Stark, he's more down to earth but a little highly strung. As metaphysician said, sure Cumberbatch COULD do Pym but if he's not the perfect choice, why cast him? Just because he's good? There are dozens of good actors in Hollywoods, and great ones too.... But Marvel have had a great track record so far with picking actors with nice qualities that shine through in their characters... I think this casting would be a misstep.

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