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Default Re: "Flame On!" The Human Torch Thread

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
I admit i don't follow the F4 comics really but is them being biologically siblings that an important factor to their relationship as opposed to them just being brother and sister?

Is something about them being biologically related extra stressed or relevant to the stories?

If the chronicle guy is cast i don't think their intent was purely to change the racial dynamics of the whole family, just that he happens to be the actor they want and he happens to be black.
I'm with you on the last part there. His performance in Chronicle SCREAMED Johnny Storm. It just seems wonky to me that they would alter a character dynamic so that they could justify casting a white actress as his sister when you already have a black actor there in the role.

And although them being adoptive siblings wouldn't be the worst thing ever, I think it would be a loss. Johnny and Sue being brother and sister gives them a dynamic that none of the other characters have. Ben and Reed are LIKE brothers, but that's the kind of friendship that forms when two people FIND each other. Ben and Johnny are also LIKE brothers because their love for one another is intermingled with petty squabbling that comes from being in constant contact. You push eachothers' buttons. But Johnny and Sue actually share a mother. When the rest of the team is sort of a "found" family, it gives it a little more weight that two of them are actually related.

But at the same time, I guess you could get that dynamic from adoptive siblings. I'm just cranky because it seems like it might make more sense to just find a black actress for the role who can pull it off. I love the Paula Patton suggestion, she would do wonderfully with the role. We've also seen that she can do action. It would give us something we've never seen before, and would be really cool for all the black kids growing up who don't have any cool, fun, powerful characters in these superhero movies that they can identify with the way I can with all the white male characters. Although I do look forward to Anthony Mackie as Falcon

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