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Default Re: About MJ and the men...

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
Living large??? He's risking his life, breaking his back and had to suffer for years before a brief period when people finally cheered him on.
I'm saying "living large" from her point of view.The interesting thing is that she's not a totally sympathetic character.My only point is that there's two sides to every story/relationship.MJ is a fairly "damaged" woman.While I don't think that should excuse her,it helps to at least try to see things from her POV.But most people (men,in particular) don't want to put that much effort into examining her character, and would rather jump on the "MJ is a shrew!!!!!" bandwagon.

Edit:It's pretty amusing to note how a lot of fans can look into villain motivations and justify them,but won't give MJ the same benefit.

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
Then there's the Harry thing in Spidey 3. Harry makes a threat, and MJ, after seeing Peter save her and the city repeatedly, accepts Harry's threat as valid and tears into Peter even though she knows that her breaking up with him would do far more damage than anything Harry could inflict on him physically.
I don't disagree,but that's more a plot contrivance then anything.

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