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Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
She was a saint compared to Dunst's MJ.
Yeah sure.
A Very Typical 60′s Mary Jane Watson Comic

Peter Parker eventually gravitates towards Gwen Stacy (the character Peter was meant to be with, according to original writer and creator Stan Lee). Mary Jane stays in Peter’s social circle and eventually dates Harry Osborn, though she continues to keep an eye on peter. She continues to display her “wild” side, which is perfectly demonstrated in Amazing Spider-Man #59, where Mary Jane gets a job dancing at a new club which becomes the source of the action for the next two issues.

Mary Jane Dumps Harry Osborn

Mary Jane lets Harry know she’s “nobody’s girl”, which in part leads him into a drug problem in Amazing Spider-Man #97. In this classic trilogy of issues beggining in #96, we find the first issues not approved by the Comic Code Authority. All in all, some more classic Mary Jane Watson comic book attitude.

There is no real difference between MJ in the movies and in the comic until the came back.

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