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Default Re: About MJ and the men...

Originally Posted by sontin View Post
She tried to make an statement on Peter while she was in a relationship with Harry.
That is not the same as going through guy after guy when she had no interest in them at all, even agreeing to marry one of them. Apples and oranges. Hence why comic MJ is a saint by comparison.

She had a lot of partners or close friends in the comics, too.
Name them.

You mean besides speaking about himself after MJ was fired?
Oh you mean speaking about himself because he didn't know MJ was fired because she never bothered her ass to tell him?

The heartless bastard! How dare he not read her mind and know what happened.

Or hide his friendship with Gwen from her?
"She's just a girl in my class". She wasn't his friend. They didn't hang out outside of the classroom.

MJ dumped every person in the comics when she came very close to them. So she "always" run away.
Who are all these guys you're talking about?

And it's unfair to compare MJ in SM2 to the comic version. SM2 plays 2 years after the first one. And it was Peter who dumped her. And it was Peter who came back into her life.
Two things:

1. Peter never dumped her because they were never together to start with. He rejected her advances.
2. He never left her life either. He just had not seen her much lately because of his jobs, college and life as Spidey. He fell off the radar with Harry, too.

So the comparison is very valid.

She did not tell him about her job because she did not wanted to destroy his day. Yes she put Peter over her own feelings.
I'm not talking about on the Spider-Man Day. I'm talking about any time after that. He had to find out from Harry.

Everything else is normal for an human and gives these characters depth.
Being selfish and two faced isn't giving her depth. it just makes her unlikable.

There is a difference: MJ thought this kiss would be special for both. The was wrong.
No, she was using it as a litmus test to see if she got the same heat from it with John than she did with Spidey. The point is she used the kiss herself on another guy she didn't even love.

The fact that she had to kiss a guy upside down to see if she liked him just shows how utterly stupid she is. She's not mentally equipped to be with someone.

I don't get your complain. It makes both character more real because they have different opinions.
Having different opinions doesn't make characters more real lol. How does that work?

she regretted it. You know that is your example that comic MJ would be a saint in comparision with the movie version
And she is. Have you ever seen comic MJ kiss another guy, let alone Peter's best friend, when she was with Peter?

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