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Originally Posted by chaseter View Post
Sam or Mikaela need to bite the dust...maybe one or both of the parents. I would think Sam dying would be pretty impactful and end his plot arc with the Transformers.
There needs to be a human involved in all of this so that the movie is somehow relateable. To be honest i wouldnt be able to watch a 2 hour long TF movie that takes place on Cybertron and there are no humans. I just cant. Not to mention that as cool as cybertron might look, it doesnt have the beauty and variety of earth.
Originally Posted by dark_b View Post
there is no way that a 4th TF movie can work. no way.people will not watch this forever.
Just because most directors go for 3 movies doesnt mean that franchises must stop there. Just look at batman, superman and spiderman.
If Bay wants out, fine. Let someone else carry on. Maybe he can find something new and refreshing to keep us interested other than explosions and Megan's boobs.
Originally Posted by CelticPredator View Post
Yep. But if he does "die" he has to explode. So there would be NO way of him coming back. I hate to suggest this idea, but it would work. People will cry.
Yeah, they really messed up by killing Megatron and then bringing him back. It takes all the weight away from any subsequent death cause you know there is a chance that the dead bot will be revived.

Anyway, i hope Bee doesnt bite the dust.

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