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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 5

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
LOL.... I was beginning to feel the same way about your Surtur infatuation.

And I just think it would be so utterly absurd, and yet I could see a greedy exec out to make the most of the Loki popularity with the ladies in particular suggesting they actually put that in. So hilariously absurd.... I mean, a very talented highly trained Shakespearean actor reduced to being stripped down painted blue and running around Stonehenge nekkid on top of it? I may not be able to show my face at my local theater again after I LMAO at the site of this scenario. I for one hope it's not the actual case, and Tom is allowed to keep some dignity (and clothes on) and not just have to do that to please the fan girls.

I'm very glad to read about this blue druid guy actually, that seems very likely since he's been linked to Stonehenge in the comics. I suspected someone might come up with a character that fits that description. I'll have to look up the story about him soon...

Little known fact the alternate title for "The Dark World" is "It's Ladies Night"

Ohhhhh.... yeahhhh....

j/k of course...

edit: and for some more info about the Druid dude - Ultimus

Druid is a Kree Eternal and is the only Kree to still be an Eternal. 3,000 years ago he was buried stonehenge by a evil lord named Lord Tantalus. He stayed there until it became modern times. He then started to be called Demon Druid. The Supreme Intelligence soon selected him to be apart of the Starforce. During that time the Starforce were making a plan to give the Supreme Intelligence have all control of all the Kree. The Supreme Intelligence got full control again by killing some Kree rulers. The woman who was the killer was Deathbird who was hired by the Supreme Intelligence. This would make it so the Starforce was the actual Kree army. Later, the Starforce arrested Deathbird and the Avengers. After that Ronan the accuser was part of the Starforce ranks. That's when the Starforce went to kill Lilandra who was the Shi'ar leader. But, other Avengers members helped stop and defeat the Starforce. The Starforce where to be executed by Lilandra. Until the Skrulls had infiltrated the council. The Starforce was spared and got away. Later, Druid is seen attacking Tantalus. With all of his power he was able to defeat the evil lord. But, in this fight he was aided by a member of the legion named Blackwulf. Demon Druid will always have a hate for Tantalus.

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