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Default Re: Ideas for the new costume in the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by spidermanJLA!~ View Post
I think it would also be a cool concept if his emblem(yellow) was actually bulletproof. Like someone shoots him in the chest and it just bounces off. That would have a great "creature" factor.
Ugh I haaate that idea concept, no offense. I think it was just frank miller saying that to justify the reason (maybe to himself?) why batman would wear a bright yellow emblem as a prowler of the night and even he had the good sense to have it be blasted off and replaced with the black emblem.

In reality a strategist like batman would not want to put any target on his body let alone one just below his neck/head. Frankly based on the bright target distraction idea he should put it on his ass probably because that would probably be safer.

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