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Default Re: Ideas for the new costume in the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
Ugh I haaate that idea concept, no offense. I think it was just frank miller saying that to justify the reason (maybe to himself?) why batman would wear a bright yellow emblem as a prowler of the night and even he had the good sense to have it be blasted off and replaced with the black emblem.

In reality a strategist like batman would not want to put any target on his body let alone one just below his neck/head. Frankly based on the bright target distraction idea he should put it on his ass probably because that would probably be safer.
Well if he really didn't want to get hit he'd have a silent robot built to do his crime-fighting for him (and if he can afford a space-station he can afford a silent robot). But he doesn't because that wouldn't be cool. Just like in this guy's opinion, the yellow oval is cool.

Also, by Miller's logic he shouldn't wear any yellow at all. If Bruce can wear a yellow belt because he thinks it's stylish, and doesn't mind the 'risk' it brings when enemies shoot at his waist, he can also wear a yellow oval on his chest.

That being said, I think the yellow oval is uggggly.

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