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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
I wont patronize you and claim to fully understand mate, I've been frustrated over the debt and the fact we've lost out on multiple top players as well as the inexplicable refusal to sort midfield out, but we've never been told "4th place is as good as a trophy, you're ungrateful." That to me was a disgrace to the long time fans the club was built on, it was an open admittance of limited ambition while still charging top dollar for the privilege.
Agreed. It was a real insult and kick in the nuts to those that have supported the club throughout the years, good and bad, to be almost literally smacked in the face when asking questions about what the clubs intentions and direction for the forseeable future were. The outgoing chairman may have done many good things for the club, but I just can't bring myself to acknowledge it or him after that massive lack of respect he showed.
Even if we just attempted to show the same kind of intent and will that Fergie breeded into his players to aspire and achieve despite the shortcomings, I think most of the consensus would have been more than happy and content.

Out of curiosity, what would they need to do this summer to fully convince you change was indeed here? I mean no one can guarantee a trophy but what would make you feel like everything had been done to give Arsenal the best shot at winning something?
Just show some intent to improve and make a real go at trying to aspire to be the best. None of this 4th place is a trophy crap, while trying to justify it by extorting the very people who pretty much keep them employed and pampered in their jobs.

Get rid of the deadwood leeches, don't let our better players go and bring in top proven quality rather than a few bargain buys to just make up the numbers. They also need to sort out the wage structure and get tough on the underachievers. Some of the crod within the squad have it too easy and are on ridiculous wages for what they're worth. Wenger also needs to let Bould have access to sorting the defence out too. It's already proven that he has had an effect on them.

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