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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Luke Murphy from Crewe, after Nick Powell and Westwood he's been their highest rated player for a while. Really exciting stuff, Blackburn offered £1 million and £30,000 a week but McDermott's worked his magic and he's decided to come here.

Totally agree on Vialli, lovely bloke and he new his stuff. TBH the usual pundits on the BBC are so clueless they seem to have no concept of football outside the PL, they desperately need new blood. Some good younger pundits like Le Saux, Dixon and Gavin Peacock (who actually knew his ****) have all been moved on to pander the egos of Lawro and Hansen. I always find it telling how much guys like Seedorf and Leonardo really show them up whenever they're on it. Hell 'Arry was made to sound like a genius during the euro's.

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