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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
I agree, for real fans it's about the intent even if things don't quite pan out, but when the people running the club, a club with a great hsitory and successful one to boot, comes out and tells fans to be grateful with 4th place because of a stadium they chose to build and then charge fans the earth to get into, it's arguably the worst PR move in the history of the game.
Agreed, it's a real slap in the face.

I agree with you on this, Arsenal really are like a backed up bowel when it comes to some of the players you have stockpiled that are no good, a summer enema should sort that out and free up the wages for the better signings.

When you say sort out the wage structure do you mean start paying by a player to player basis instead of missing out on quality because of a ceiling cap? I think Wenger has shown intent by going for Higuain amidst the insane prices Falcao and Cavani are going for.
A summer enema has been long overdue, but they've shot themselves in the foot by putting the wasters on ridiculous wages, and thus are unable to move them on as potential new suitors aren't prepared to pay those wages, and the mercenaries are more than happy to sit it out just to get their paychecks. Yeah, it's a socialist wage structure to try and put everyone on a level to even playing firled, but that often means paying someone more than what they are worthy of, and then paying someone who is worth more nothing compared to what they'd get elsewhere.

Until he's hoilding a shirt on the main site, I'm not buying it. We seem to be dragging our feet, and we've seen this before where a player seemed nailed on to join us, we've dragged it out, and then someone else has come along and snapped them up (i.e. Juan Mata).

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