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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic
Um... BP has no powers in the same way that Tony Stark has no powers. Sometimes in the exact same way. Of the comics I've read, a lot of thought has been put into BP, and his role on the team. What comics have you read where he felt like a token?

I think LC has plenty to do regardless of his race, from having a kid with Bendis' fave to leading the New Avengers. Not my fave character either, but it's not like in the 70s when he was just a blaxploitation character. Nowadays he's doing more than most heroes.
I've never cared for Black Panther and can't really see the point of the character being in an Avengers film, as I can't think of any story he could be a part of that I'd care to see. I just don't feel he'd work alongside the others on the big screen without having to take Captain America out of the story. Why would you need Captain America on your team when you have someone who's more athletic, but also comes with genius?

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