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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

^ Right, that's what I'm saying. So unless they dedicate a portion of this movie to Rogue stealing Ms. Marvel's powers, then it's unlikely she'll be a "badass", unless they go some other route, like making her powers developed more like Mimic's (I hope they don't do that).

So even if her powers have come back, she'll likely still be a "Mutant who doesn't have beneficial powers", though some might argue that point. "Stealing" someone's memories and/or powers can be pretty good.

Personally I would've loved to have seen her absorb Bobby's powers, have Colossus or Beast chuck her at Pyro, who wouldn't tried to cook her (but she wouldn't been ok because of Bobby' powers), and then have her steal Pyro's powers in order to not only take him out, but then use them against other baddies. Something like that would've been cool.

But, anytime you have her take another's powers you limit that character. Why have her steal Colossus' strength when he can use it himself? Why have her steal Storms weather abilities when she can just use them herself?

But using her to steal memories, that's a different thing altogether, but definitely would not be considered...


If anything, I could see them having her use a collar (one of trask's inventions) to control her returned powers so she can be intimate. But intimate with who? Without a good Gambit (wow, I wish!), would she be with Bobby or someone else? If she's with Bobby then what about Shadowcat. I would like to see her with Colossus.

Actually that would be great!

Bobby and Rogue and Kitty and Piotr!!!!!

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