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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Boy Scout View Post
You ignored the context of the situation in order to support your argument.
I asked you when the movie said it was right, you said when he saved the planet. I said ok. Well if that's the determining factor...
If Superman hadn't killed Zod, Zod would have gone on to murder everyone on Earth. Killing him prevented that from taking place. It was justifiable homicide. I'm not sure what's debatable about that.
Easy, is it at all possible that the bad guy forced the good guy into a no win situation where there was no choice that was morally unquestionable?

That's the difference between the best choice and the right choice. Superman made the best choice he could in the situation. The right choice was beyond him.

Because he's a soldier. Superman is not.
So if Cap wasn't a solider, but all other things being equal(superpowered superhero), than he'd be considered a "time bomb" in your book?

What I'm trying to get at is, just because a person is capable of putting someone down, doesn't make them some sort of time time. It makes them a functional moral hero. For some reason when this is applied to superman, it simply doesn't compute without hyperbole.

Not sure what it is about having a "no kill" policy that makes a character two-dimensional, but okay.
It implies no grey area. No degree of compromise and analog. Just two decisions resulting in right or wrong. Kinda like two dimensions. The comics have evolved beyond those days.
I don't even know how to respond to that.
To be honest I'm not surprised.

The point was that batman, a hero with a very clear no kill rule(far clearer than Superman mind you) has been put in positions where the audience didn't know if he was going to kill or not kill the joker based on how far the bad guy pushed him. Resulting in a very interesting tension filled read for the audience.
It's a viable creative logic. Not sure why that doesn't make sense when applied to superman.

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