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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by CountOrlok View Post
You see people dying clutching money

and even after the gas is released, there are still people around trying to get the money.
No, after Batman has removed the balloons and the gas is gone you see people grabbing the money.

(don't forget Joker poisoned the city previously, yet people could not help be lured by the money).
Two things:

1. When Joker is making his announcement on TV nobody in Gotham is paying the slightest bit of attention to him. Like he's not even important. It's not until he mentions the free money does anyone take notice that he's on TV. So for some bizarre reason Gotham's people don't consider him someone worth listening to.

2. Again this is not a social experiment. All it shows is people are greedy for money. He wasn't trying to prove anything. He was just luring them there because he knows people won't be able to resist free money. Whereas in the TDK situation it's an actual experiment to see can you turn people into murderers.

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
Yes, because normal people are known for offering their lives gracefully just to save some convicts' lives saved. Same thing with convicts, they would do anything to save an innocent person's life. Where's the experiment? That the writers had everyone inexplicably uncertain about saving their own lives.
It's not about convicts lives, it's about taking lives in general. Convicts were not the only people on that boat either. There was Prison officers, Cops, and ship crew, too.

Nicholson's Joker experiment was that even when people know he's a killer, they would go just to grab a few bucks. That's their nature.
That was not his experiment. He had no experiment. He wasn't trying to prove anything. He was just using the money as bait to lure the crowd there so he could kill them. It's a no brainer that if you offer free money, no matter who you are, people will take it.

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