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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
So the point is made.
What point. People dropped dead holding money? That doesn't prove any point other than they were holding money in their hands before they died.

It was an official transmission. Nobody was listening because it was the major speaking and no one was expecting the Joker. But yes, it was the talking about money what made people care.
"Joker here. Now you people have said some pretty mean things blah blah blah"

They knew it was the Joker. The guy who had been killing them with poison products was speaking. If Osama Bin Laden interrupted a public broadcast after 9/11 you can bet NY citizens would be paying very strict attention. Eyes glued to the screen.

The point is nobody seemed to give a damn he was on TV like he wasn't important or threatening enough to grab their attention. It's only when they hear about the free money they all stop and take notice.

Ergo it shows nobody cares who is handing it out as long as it's free money.

Yeah, both "procedures" were similar. But of course Nicholson's Joker didn't put it as an experiment.
No they weren't. Joker didn't put Gotham's people in a situation where they were forced to make a terrible choice.

I'm sure those guards' lives are the very first thing that crosses people's minds when their very lives are about to end and they can prevent it from happening.
Why wouldn't they be. Nobody is naive enough to think the convicts are manning that boat by themselves lol.

It's a no brainer that if you threaten to kill someone and then give them a chance to survive, they'll use it. Unless you're an obvious character from a movie that won't do the obvious because the script requires so.
No it's not, depending on what the chance is. Killing dozens of people is not your typical choice to save your own life. Being offered free money, and having blood on your hands are two very different things.

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