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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by antonydelfini View Post
Anybody else find B89 the most re-watchable among the Bat films?
No. In fact I prefer Batman Returns over it. It's more deep, complex and psychological, and I think the character dynamics between Batman, Penguin and Catwoman are much more interesting. B'89 is a fun watch, but I think it's plot is too basic, and Batman doesn't have much to do in it character wise. I also really disliked the Joker being the killer of Batman's parents twist. It's one change I couldn't get on board with.

Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
I, unfortunately, am not.

Like most, it was a huge part of my childhood (made me a Batfan), but I tried to watch it twice last year and nearly fell asleep both times. First time, turned it off when Joker was talking to Vale in the museum, second time made it to the Batmobile arriving in the cave (great scene).

It was so... boring.
Interestingly Burton considers the movie boring. I think he even called it more cultural phenomenon than good movie.

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