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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

Director:A relative unknown and young low budget filmmaker(giving a guy like this a shot at a big budget epic can work,look at Nolan)

Writer:A fairly unknown screenwriter,preferrably an established Superman comic book writer.

Composer:John Williams(who else)

Cast: (assuming I must cast all knowns)

Superman/Clark Kent - Tom Welling(if he turned it down,an unknown)
Lois Lane - Rachael McAdams(she's an amazing actress)
Lex Luthor - Jason Issacs
Jimmy Olson - Jamie Bell
Perry White - Hugh Laurie(Singer's first choice)
Metallo - Jason Statham
Martha Kent - Eva Marie Saint(she's perfect in the part)
Jonathan Kent - Robert Redford(he could work,and he is the best actor close to Saint's age)
Jor-El - Anthony Hopkins

Story: I would love to see the origin redone completely.Do it in a style like Superman:Birthright,keep all of the stuff in the origin that's always been there and don't change it,but add on to it,like Birthright did and Batman:Year One did to Batman.It would keep the film familiar to fans,but feel new enough to where fans don't feel out of place and can't predict what's next.Then when Superman finally reaches Metropolis have him foil a diabolical plan set up by Lex Luthor,CEO and Founder of Lexcorp.While at this same time Superman meets the girl of his dreams,Lois Lane,but their love story really doesn't advance until a sequel.Plus I would love to incorporate Metallo into the story as Lex's muscle to his operations.

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