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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

Originally Posted by ElDuderino View Post
Seems doubtful. I think they'll go with something a bit more "realistic".
The Phantom Zone isn't any less realistic than a flying Super powered Alien. They wouldn't be making a Superman movie if they wanted a realistic film. Eventhough it's obvious that Nolan had far, far more say than I first thought, Synder also has a say so I doubt that it will excusively be a Nolan product. I believe it will be a mixture of the two mens style.

The more I get used to team up of Nolan and Synder the more excited I get. You see, I like Synder as a director but he needs to be reigned in by a studio and a better director. I love Nolan as a director but him actually directing a Superman film would be a bad idea IMHO because I don't think that he has any real desire to make a movie about a lead character that isn't extremely tortured. I guess you could say the same for the actual director of the film but he seems like such an upbeat type of dude that I think that he can pull that aspect off better than Nolan. Some people can call me a flip flopper or whatever but I'm now okay with the movie being somewhat grounded provided the story is decent enough and the characters are likable and are in spirit the same characters that they have always been. I ***** a lot about everything but I'm not afraid to change my mind. Hell at first I was against Zod but then I got used to the idea after thinking it over. I'm just in general trying to go with the flow when it comes to this project and hope things turn out well because Superman deserves it dammit!

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