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Default Re: Batman: Arkham City - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Léo Ho Tep View Post
I don't think it shows that Bane uses his brain. There is nothing smart in the way he acts. Batman plays along to get rid of the titan formula, but Bane's scheme is obvious, and anybody could come with something like that.

They totally missed the point with Hush. I liked the sidequest, because of its mood. It was intriguing at first, and creepy. But how can he be threatening now that Batman knows everything about his scheme, when Hush himself doesn't even know Bruce is Batman?

But there are worse. Strange has so much potential, and yet, they only managed to make him a pawn. He barely do anything at all in the game. The fact that he knows Bruce's identity is not even used at all. Only when you go to Park Row does it mean anything. Apart from that, it's nothing more than an empty threat.

Same goes for Ra's. This Ra's is nothing more than a dumbass. He's not even able to find Batman's true identity on his own (something that he did when O'neil created him).

There are a lot of room for improvement when it comes to story and characterization in the Arkham games. They are still awesome, but saying their stories and characterization are good is a bad move: it won't allow the creator to understand why they need to improve these stuffs, and we'll still have average stories and bad characterization in the next games.
The games are fantastic, they did so much more right than they did wrong. The characterization of Joker, Harley, Penguin, Catwoman, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, ect... are fantastic. Even many brief appearances like Mad Hatter and Zaz were well done. Arkham City's Riddler was one of my favorite parts.

That said, I agree w/ your points. The Ra's story seemed hurried and forced....just kind of a small taste of the comic Ra's. He's a deeper character and, w/ so many other characters competing for screen time, he wasn't really done justice. He dies a lot and comes back. I hope he will one day make a comeback in a sequel and his potential will be explored more.

More could have been done w/ Hush but I felt this was just set-up to a later game so I'm giving it a pass.

Dr. Strange should have done something w/ the Bruce Wayne knowledge other than taunt Batman about his parents death. I understand that he put Batman into Arkham City in the first place b/c of his knowledge but I would have liked to see him raid the mansion or put Alfred in danger or something. I know there is a nice mansion challenge map but I would like to see that in the game.

Bane was simply a brute monster in the first game. I can see that and understand it given his long incarceration and then sudden rush of venom. In the second game though he clearly mentally re-adapted to the venom and so it would have been nice if he had have displayed more cunning.

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