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Default Re: Batman: Arkham City - - - - - - - Part 16

That was probably my main complaint about AC. As much as I love it, the story was too short, and it was basically just chase the cure, with a tiny sub plot about protocol 10 at the end.

AA's story was better and felt deeper even though it was basically just Joker trying to make an army of Titan monsters, it had more twists and turns in it like Dr. Young's involvement, the infection of Ivy with Titan, the betrayal of Officer Boles, the Amadeus Arkham story, even Scarecrow's nightmare sequences with Bruce's parents added to it.

AA also made full use of the Joker as the main villain. His presence was felt all through the game, whether he was on the TV monitors around Arkham laughing and taunting you, speaking on the intercom system, or popping up at random points throughout the game to sick some Titan monsters on you, he really felt like the main threat. Whereas Hugo Strange was barely seen or felt in AC. He turned out to be just a puppet to Ra's, too. Very disappointing.

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