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Default Re: Avengers cartoon

I do like Captain America's design. He has a Jack Kirby thing with the mask and that looks good. The designs look better in motion, although Iron Man's helmet still looks weird.

The short teaser that popped up briefly on YouTube last year did sort of imply that Iron Man was the leader. Unlike WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, this looks to be a choice with more roots in history rather than simply caving to popularity. Iron Man technically founded the Avengers; NOT Captain America. In the comics, he was "retroactively" made a founder after the Hulk quit, but that isn't quite the same. Plus, Iron Man had led the Avengers at various points in time either alongside Cap, or when Cap was absent, or the Western Branch for long stretches of time (which Stark eventually turned into Force Works for a while anyway). Throw in the two years that Captain America has been dead and unable to lead anything, and Iron Man leading the team makes more sense than, "Oh, because his movie is big". In the comics, Captain America was technically "recruited" or found by a functioning team of superheroes and evolved into that role as leader over time. Hell, the Wasp even led the team for some stretches.

I wouldn't be opposed to Matt Wolfe as Thor. He was fine in HULK VS. THOR.

I am iffy on Hulk being a part of the team; HE seems to be on the roster because of popularity and recognition more than anything else. Yes, Hulk founded the team in canon, but quit by the second issue and while the Avengers chased after him for a bit, and he occasionally teamed with them, Hulk was never really a member for long. That said, I have seen Hulk's status quo of "misunderstood monster chased by the military" so often on TV and in movies that I honestly don't mind an attempt to have him on a team. ULTIMATE AVENGERS tried, but punted with the sequel DTV (and, to be fair, the moral was that Hulk was too unstable, that Banner could never control him). I am curious how this show would do it. I hope it is not handled tritely, that Yost doesn't just sub in Hulk for a dumber version of The Thing from his FANTASTIC FOUR: WORLD'S GREATEST HEROES series from 2006. There should be more to it. There's potential, though, and I am very curious about it. I don't mind something new with the Hulk on TV.

Yost, even at his worst, usually knows his history, so I have no doubt a lot of fun nods to history and past villains. My concern is that Yost has to have a high level of intensity and quality to every episode. Marvel's goal for this show shouldn't be to merely match JUSTICE LEAGUE, but to finally surpass it. That means larger than life plots, mature characterization that doesn't confuse excellence for mediocrity/"the bare minimum" like WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN often does, and for crying out loud, a story board team that has seen an animated fight on TV within the last 10 years and can actually pace something that doesn't scream of 1998, but of the modern times, like on SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (probably the best non DTV show from Marvel that had exceptional action scenes to it). It can be done.

I have high hopes for this series.

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