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Originally Posted by Dread View Post
Sometimes it seems to me that you haven't forgiven that show for JUSTICE LEAGUE season 1, which admittedly was not terribly good. Or perhaps episodes like "HAWK AND DOVE". But, overall, JLU is a great show that had flaws. W&TXM so far is an above average show with moments of brilliance, but they are just that so far; moments. Some clips from, say, "DIVIDED WE FALL" are DL'd and sung as gospel by legions on YouTube (often viewed by more people than are buying JLA monthly). Does any bit of Marvel animation that isn't Spectacular Spider-Man made within the last 7 years match? No. Not yet, anyway.
Those were problems but they were the least of my problems with the show as a whole.

I refuse to count AVENGERS: UNITED THEY STAND from 1999. That was more of a bad cough than a "show".
Whatever. I'm not like you where shows don't count. I still count them no matter how bad because like it or not they existed. Unlimited and MTV Spider-man were horrible shows but I still count them and compare since Spider-man shows are made so often.

And yes, Marvel animation is getting more ambitious. The Teen IRON MAN seems a step backward (or from a past era), but by and large they are moving on. Longer seasons, more serial storytelling, etc. All this works in AVENGERS: EMH's favor.
I'm not a big follower of Iron Man animated adventures but I credit the show for trying something different rather than simply re-doing what came before. Same with Spectacular which gave us a fully teenaged high school student Peter Parker instead of a college student/graduate or young adult male in his 20's.

Yost also deserves more credit considering he worked on the brilliant HULK VS. animation.

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