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Exclamation Re: Avengers cartoon

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Those were problems but they were the least of my problems with the show as a whole.
Admittedly off topic, but as JLU is an example that this show will have to match and surpass, what were your problems with that show as a whole? I don't mean that question as a snark, I'm curious.

Whatever. I'm not like you where shows don't count. I still count them no matter how bad because like it or not they existed. Unlimited and MTV Spider-man were horrible shows but I still count them and compare since Spider-man shows are made so often.
MTV SPIDER-MAN was GOD compared to SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED or AVENGERS: UNITED THEY STAND. Hell, it probably had the most depressing ending to a CGI animated segment since the end of CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY.

I do count those shows, I just don't count them to excuse absences or missed opportunities. "No, there's no reason to have Scarlet Witch on the Avengers; she was JUST on their cartoon a mere 10 years ago!" My reply would be like, "yeah, but I'd like to seem them do it, and it, y'know, it NOT SUCKING" and you fail to realize that. No idea done before is worth doing again, even if it is to do it RIGHT, I guess; I respectfully disagree.

I'm not a big follower of Iron Man animated adventures but I credit the show for trying something different rather than simply re-doing what came before. Same with Spectacular which gave us a fully teenaged high school student Peter Parker instead of a college student/graduate or young adult male in his 20's.
Major difference; Peter Parker's story began in the 60's with him in high school. You could argue SS-M returned him to his roots there on TV.

Iron Man didn't. And it is a shame that Kid's WB's "teenagers starring in every show we have by royal decree" motto has been so easily forgotten, but making Iron Man a teenager is about as stock a network demand there is, besides talking animals. Granted, I haven't watched the show, and the premire scored better ratings than even WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, so whatever they're doing was successful.

Yost also deserves more credit considering he worked on the brilliant HULK VS. animation.
Quite true. HULK VS. was quite good. I think he was credited with HULK VS. THOR a bit more than HULK VS. WOLVERINE, but both were quite good, the cream of Marvel's animated DTV's so far, easily. And, hey, I've given Yost props for FANTASTIC FOUR: WGH, which was actually fun if you didn't take it as seriously as JLU (which it wasn't supposed to be). He has his great moments. AVENGERS: EMH, though, requires having that energy in every episode. Can Yost and company rise to that challenge? That's the million dollar question. It's possible. Yost knows history and if he has a good board artist can pace a fight. I think he CAN pull it off. The question is, will he?

He seems more experienced with the X-Men, though. Thor was nothing but a punching bag with an electric shooting hammer in HULK VS. THOR and hopefully his power level would be more akin to a Superman of the Avengers here; he, Hulk, and Iron Man would be the real "heavy hitters".

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