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Exclamation Re: Avengers cartoon

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I don't want to go point by point. But Wolverine and The X-men didn't have nowhere's-ville with the pairings. Wolverine/Mariko left it saying, "we can't be together." That was closure. They put a pin in it. Wolverine and Mariko split up and didn't get married and then Wolverine ultimately had to kill her. We didn't see the killing part but it could still happen.

Nightcrawler and Wanda is sort of a burgeoning relationship that will hopefully develop later on.

There was an emotional climax and ending of sorts to Emma/Jean/Cyclops. It wasn't a pure nowheres-ville triangle like the end of Justice League. Emma sacrificed herself to save Cyclops and everyone as atonement. She might come back, but for that season that was not a nowheres-ville plot.
That is assuming Silver Samurai and Mariko don't return in Season 2. Otherwise that thread could be picked up.

My problem with the Frost/Cyclops/Jean thing is that it was essentially one sided. Frost loved Cyclops and Cyclops only saw her as an avenue for Jean. Jean herself was essentially a walking Maguffin and that was the major drawback for her. It was hard to appreciate her as a character. Without spoiling stuff here, I believe W&TXM's season finale chose to try to have a notable character sacrifice for the sake of the immediate finale, but resulted in a more boring and typical relationship for Season 2. To be fair, whenever a debut season is written, there is no assurance that it will be renewed, so there is an urgency to get all your ducks in a row and whatnot. But what that "triangle" had was one party who spent 26 episodes missing, with amnesia or being possessed, the male party obsessed with the former to the point of abandoning all duty, friends, or honor, and the second female point lusting for the male, and not being noticed. In this regard, Season 2 looks to be VERY boring. There's nothing more to do. JLU had some relationships that went nowhere, but is it better to have them come to an unsatisfying or boring conclusion?

Wanda and Kurt was done well, though, and hopefully that will go somewhere in Season 2.

I didn't say comics. I said MARVEL CHARACTERS. Yes kids don't really read Marvel comics . . . they read Shonen Jump manga. And again I'm not talking about comics.

However building fans of the other media, the cartoons and what not is the best way to get them as fans and in anticipation of the movies later on as they get older. Kids want to see movies that are like their cartoon characters.

That's why I've been so annoyed by Brand New Day. Because it doesn't really make Spider-man more kid friendly at the end of the day.
Yeah, BND ignores the fact that MJ has been a major part of Peter's life for three major films (and likely a 4th), at least one cartoon for 5 seasons that has run in reruns endlessly on cable, and she even played a decent role in the latest one. BND basically confuses new fans and alienates a lot of the older ones (or at least ones who are in their 20's or 30's). Sales have tanked. It's clearly not working.

To get things back on AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES a bit, it's slated for release apparently by 2011-2012, and the other talent named for it besides Yost, just so I remember, is Ciro Nieli, whose past credits include "Robot Chicken" and "Teen Titans" is serving as producer, with Chris Yost as story editor (according to our very own SUPER HERO HYPE). Apparently Nieli was tapped to do a new HULK cartoon, but Marvel has decided to hedge those bets and produce an Avengers cartoon instead; which seems pragmatic. Hulk has underperformed in recent years, media-wise. That still means that some of the pre-production work for Hulk's series may merge with A:EMH and I recall some interview somewhere claiming they may be adapting some of the story points.

To repeat my concern, if the Hulk is to truly be a member of the team long term, then I can see how that can work. While it goes counter to what Hulk usually does in guest episodes or his own shows or movies, I do tire of that status quo and wouldn't mind seeing something new done with him. The dilemma is to not turn him into Wolverine. That is, to not have him completely hog the show. Or Iron Man for that matter. A team show has to be that; a team show. Where every character gets ample focus and times to shine, and yes even a few can rise to the fore, but if one or two become the clear bread-winners, it does get old. One criticism I had of JL and JLU is that at times it was VERY clear that Batman was "cooler" than all the other heroes, to the point where they rarely displayed basic common sense in a fight beyond "smash, repeat" unless Batman The Tactician was there. Batman could at times "pwn" characters that would faze even Superman, or not even Superman could be made to seem an equal in judgment. AVENGERS will have to avoid wearing Hulk and/or Iron Man too much on their sleeves. That isn't to say that Hulk and Iron Man should be background fodder, and they can't have their own themed storylines or villains. On the contrary, their rogues gallery can serve the Avengers quite well. Absorbing Man is a nemesis of both Thor and Hulk, after all. Many of Iron Man's enemies have taken on the Avengers as well, including the Mandarin; heck, in the 90's IRON MAN TV series, "Force Works" used to spend a lot of time fighting Stark's enemies. I certainly wouldn't mind a better go at The Leader or Abomination than the 1996 era HULK cartoon delivered.

But what would be annoying would be if those two completely dominated the show. That won't do. Naturally the best way to do it would be to make sure things are mixed up to everyone's favorite gets a moment in the sun. That would be something that even JL/U sometimes struggled with, especially within the first 26 episodes or so.

I am very curious about who they are casting to play Captain America; I can imagine that is hardly the easiest role to cast. Cap may not be the "de facto leader" at the start, but that is alright. Iron Man funds the team, and technically founded the team before Cap in the comics anyway; if they make Steve have to "earn" that right, all the better. I do like the Kirby influence on his mask. It has been a very long time since we saw the Red Skull in animation, too, about 11 years so far.

Naturally, Thor's rogues gallery offers a bit for the Avengers, with Loki and all. Part of me imagines the Wrecking Crew would make for a nice team brawl, with them being four of them (or even five, if Yost wanted to throw in Piledriver's son from RUNAWAYS).

I still say it was in a way an unfortunately advantage that the last Avengers cartoon in 1999 was so bloody terrible; there are no unreasonably high expectations here, like there are every time an X-Men, Batman, or Spider-Man cartoon begins every few years. This may give it some freedom.

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