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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Originally Posted by Dr. Scolex View Post
The one thing that always bugged me about The Batman was that almost EVERY villain was some kind of kung fu martial arts master. The Joker? Monkey Kung Fu. Penguin? Ball bustingly great Kung Fu. Clayface? Strangeish fluidy kung fu. Catwoman? Kung fu.

And the ones that aren't toal masters of it are damn near invincible! Clayface has little to no weakness, Poison Ivy is basically a demi god, Mr. Freeze doesn't need his freeze gun, he just shoots ice out of his hands, and Firefly is just.. Boba Fett except in Batman's world.

And the kicker? Batman kicks all of their asses every time. Sometimes, all at once too. The only villain that isn't in either category is the Riddler, and they just turned him into Marilyn Manson with a green motif.
I agree with you on too many vilains knowing fighting techniques and some being overpowered, but disagree on the villains being nearly invincible.

Firefly is repeatedly shown to be an absolute failure at anything combat related when deprived of flight.
Clayface could be frozen (or waxed over) which became a huge problem with him since Batman also gives the police force that technology.
Poison Ivy had plantkiller.

Also, Clayfacei s never shown to have kungfu at all, he just rampages using various shifting. Catwoman should know martial arts too, so that makes sense.

And while I too didn't like The Riddler's design your description seems to ignore that he was a far more rounded character than his BTAS counterpart, with a tragic backstory and explanation for his compulsions. Not to say BTAS' Riddler was bad though, he's the one character I know that becomes somehow more likealbe the smugger he gets.

I'll give you Penguin and Joker though, they really shoudn't fight like that. Joker fighting is not something that I disagree with, but it should be a real dirty street style, like grabbing anything to hit someone with or being able to lead a chase into a trap.

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