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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Originally Posted by Two-Face=Badass View Post
And while I too didn't like The Riddler's design your description seems to ignore that he was a far more rounded character than his BTAS counterpart, with a tragic backstory and explanation for his compulsions. Not to say BTAS' Riddler was bad though, he's the one character I know that becomes somehow more likealbe the smugger he gets.
absolutely. if 'the batman' got one thing right, it was the riddler. it managed to turn one of my most loathed villians (I 'really' dislike any other incarnation of this character) into an interesting, 3 dimensional character that I, actually, care about. even his goth-looks grew on me after a while. I LOVE the batman's riddler. almost any episode that featured him was definitely in 'TAS' level.

another thing 'the batman' got right was arkham. although you could argue with some choices of imprisonment (god damnit, the penguin is NOT insane), the show actually made it clear that arkham is a madhouse, while in TAS, it very often seemed like a simple prison. many episodes in the batman got scarily psychological depths to them, which often seemed frightening odd, considering the show was aimed for a younger audience. but I really have to say that 'strange minds' has turned out to become one of my favorite batman stories in any medium, period. A comicbook remake would be pretty fascinating.

that being said, I still prefer TAS over the batman, of course. But I still liked the batman very much. it was a fun, very entertaining show that enlightened my batman spirit every time I saw it.

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