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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
I have to agree with Two-Face=Badass that the animation was superiour in terms of combat. Infact does anyone remember much good from BTAS' action? We all have our favorite episodes and favorite moments in terms of dialogue and story, but i can never think of a moment where people go "oh man remember that freaking awesome action moment?" no i really can't recall much if any of those. @_@
Seriously dude? the scene where the joker has the Mayor's boy kidnapped on a rollercoaster? The Man Bat flight scene from the first episode? The big chase scene from mask of the phantasm when the cops are chasing Bats down through the constuction site. Again it may be because BTAS and the Timmverse shaped my childhood and turned me onto comics in general but the only thing i think the Batman Nailed totally was the riddler (personality wise) i mean eglund's arrogant, self entilted, scheming tones made Mr. Nygma my favourite character on an otherwise medicore show, and when they showed his origin, you actually feel really sorry for him, Mind you Paul Dini wrote those eps so....BTAS wins XD

Robin/Tim Drake in The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

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