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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
I have to agree with Two-Face=Badass that the animation was superiour in terms of combat. Infact does anyone remember much good from BTAS' action? We all have our favorite episodes and favorite moments in terms of dialogue and story, but i can never think of a moment where people go "oh man remember that freaking awesome action moment?" no i really can't recall much if any of those. @_@
Uh. . . Lets see.
The chase scene between the Batmobile and the exploding RC cars in Beware the Grey Ghost.

Every fight with Clayface. My personal faves, the fight through the tv studio in Feat of Clay and Batman blowing CF's head off with the Grapple gun in Mudslide.

Also from Feat of Clay - Batman interrogating Bell by dangling him from the winch on the Batplane by his wrist and screaming through the air. That scene messed me up good as a kid.

The fight against HARDAC's robots in Heart of Steel. The censors didn't care about kids seeing robots get f'd up, so the animators went to town. My fave is the one that Batman flips under the elevator and it just looks up dispassionately as the car comes down on its face.

Speaking of HARDAC, the fight between both Batmans in His Silicon Soul was also pretty hardcore, especially the end where the robot Bats blows the **** out of himself by sticking his fist thru the Batcomputer.

Tony Zucco getting dragged on his back along the pier by Robin on his bike at the end of Robin's Reckoning. Brutal.

Batman and Robin vs. the plant mutants in Home and Garden. Sick, gruesome deaths and creepy naked evil babies.

Batman vs. Killer Croc at the mill in the climax of Freakshow. I cringe every time I watch it when Batman drags Croc's arm thru the waterwheel and jams it with his body.

The fight with the safe-crackers in the flaming warehouse from P.O.V. The attention to lighting and shadow in that scene is simply beautiful.

Batman catches one of the twins' punches and proceeds to crush his fist, complete with bone-crunching foley. From Two-Face, part 2.

Just as the Jazzman is about to blow away a comatose Jim Gordon in his hospital bed, Batman arrives at the window to throw a shuriken right up the muzzle of his gun, backfiring the gun into his arm. I Am the Night.

That's just off the top of my head.

The difference for me between TAS and The Batman is that the violence in the older show had more emotional content. The fights in The Batman suffered the shortcomings of all American-made anime - Western animation directors just don't know when to hold back and when to let loose. The pacing is too frenetic and feels hollow. They confuse speed and strength with weightlessness and invincibilty. If I wanted an anime Batman, then I'd prefer Japanese directors and writers thanks.

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