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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Streets of Gotham:
Starts after one year of Batman's career. Batman's made an impact in the public psyche, particularly in Gotham's underworld. The Maroni Crime Family is threatened by a new, more theatrical criminal: Black Mask. Black Mask is working for Hugo Strange, a pharmaceutical specialist with an obsession with the human mind and it's abnormalities, currently focusing his obsession on Batman. Using Black Mask and Deadshot as distractions, Hugo Strange attempts to overwhelm Batman and wear him out while discovering who is behind the mask and why. Black Mask and Deadshot make quick work of the Maroni Crime Family and take over their assets, including corrupt Police Commissioner Gillian Loeb. Meanwhile, with the information of Batman's identity in his hands, Strange makes it his mission to hurt everyone closest to him: Alfred, Gordon and Lucius.

Gotham Knights:
Taking place three years after Streets of Gotham, Batman is trusted by the GCPD, led by now Commissioner James Gordon. With the help of Harvey Dent, the trio has crippled the already dying Gotham mob and are working to control the rising 'freak' population. After connecting a new drug on the streets to the small criminal group known as "The Irish", they follow the trail back to two sources: Carmine Falcone and Arkham Asylum. Harvey follows the Falcone lead while Batman and Gordon enter the Asylum to find the dealer and manufacturer of the drug. Their journey through the Asylum puts them at odds with the warden of the Asylum, Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow. The three will be viciously tried by the Asylum and none of them will be the same.

(Two Face is also in it, I just felt the little synopsis worked better without saying that)

Gotham: City of Scars:
After a ten year retirement from a heart attack, Batman is ready to return after the death of his friend, Thomas Elliot, at the hands of Deadshot. The city has changed in ten years. A new vigilante operates on the streets now but without Batman's no killing rule, The Huntress. A man that has operated behind the scenes for years, pushing buttons and holding the strings: The Riddler. With the revolutionary Hush uncovering corruption in the city, running all the way up to Mayor Oswald Cobblepot, Batman needs to know: who are his allies and who are his enemies in this new world?

Gotham: No Man's Land:
After being beaten by his friend-turned-enemy, Hush, Bruce Wayne is cast out of the city. The revolution in Gotham takes back their city from the corrupt officials and cut themselves off from the United States. With the Riddler watching, Hush takes away the one thing Bruce loves most: his city. Bruce travels to the Himalayas to train under Cassandra Cain and re-enter the city that is now run by small factions taking pockets of the city for themselves.

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