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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
To me all of that is just classic Nolan "coldness". I guess it alienates some people, but I've come to enjoy the way he'll just quickly deal with things that you'd expect to have more weight. It gives his movies this propulsive quality, where the pacing is relentless, the movie is always ahead of you, and there is a lot of depth to be found even in the seemingly smaller or throw-away moments. It's kind of this juggling act where the subtext deals with certain things that the "text" doesn't. TDKR really magnifies this quality, especially because of the scale of the story and the time compression that happens. That said, I can understand why some would feel these aspects should have gotten more focus.

Overall, my rating hasn't changed. I said 9 last year and it's probably still a 9 for me. I'm definitely one of those who feels there are many aspects of this movie that are the best of the trilogy. It's not quite as tight as a whole as TDK, but it's still a very mighty piece of filmmaking. And I think while it may not quite have the (seemingly) mathematical precision of TDK, it actually does have more heart. I simply feel more emotions when I watch TDKR overall. Which is pretty cool considering how "cold" Nolan's style of filmmaking can be.
lol, you really do love that second act in TDKR, BatLobsterRises. I agree, there definitely is a coldness to the atmosphere during the clean streets during Bane's reign over Gotham. I do love how bleak it feels when Bane has all the bridges and the football field destroyed. Very unsettling.

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hehe, thanks.

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