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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
okay. I am just going to say this once. lol. i still PM him regularly...and hate to say toldja so, but..there it is haha. Seriously though, from what I made of it, he knows the general characters and plans for the phases with some detail, and finer stuff from movie to movie, he has to guess until more is revealed....but he wasn't full of it. The stuff he posted in the threads, was his speculation off what he KNEW, with bits of real stuff in it..I talk to him about that, he basically in a way, is trolling us all with real info....the stuff I talk to him about VIA PM, he's been telling me this since January. Breakout scenario for avengers 2...mandarin, Ultimo, Ultron is there as an AI....he also told me back in january that the comics are trying to bring the universes togetther, trying to merge the ultimates with 616..which I thought was kind of crap...but..age of ultron just ended..and we saw how that ended. i still talk to him regularly, and if he's right about this...then there's a good chance that he is right about what he's told me the main story is up through phase 3...then all other comic book film studios should throw in the towel

And how is he going to fit into the Avengers 2? I can understand "Mandarin", Abomination and The Leader but Ultimo?

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