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Default Re: "Descendent of the wheel!" The Jetfire thread!

Originally Posted by SciFi Warlock View Post
Maybe but thinking for a moment the memo could have been like this

To: All Decepticons
RE: Jetfire

Hi ya all, just wanted to let you know to be aware that the old decepticon seeker who has been in statis lock for 30 or so years and not helping the rest of us at all is active again and he decided to become and Autobot. In case you don't remember him just look for the bot with a cane.

Don't forget the engergon mixer on the 12th....

Oh yeah Optimus Prime is dead and the Fallen wants to complete the mission he started just 2000 years ago, means we all gotta do some real work now.
Jetfire changed before going into stasis lock, I believe.

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