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Default Re: "Descendent of the wheel!" The Jetfire thread!

Originally Posted by Kal-El 8 View Post
When I first heard that Jetfire was going to be in the second film . I was really excited , he's one of my favorites transformers . My happiness was short lived when it was revealed that Jetfire was going to be an old timer instead of the young speedster . I also wasn't a fan of John Turturro being the voice . Thankfully when I saw the film all of my worries were put to rest .

Not only did Jetfire work out as an old timer Autobot, But Mark Ryan did an excellent job voicing the character . Jetfire was fantastic in ROTF .

I was at first against
Isnt the G1 character named Skyfire? Its probably the same person though...
He was great in the film, but couldnt they have omitted the ridiculous farting parachutes part?
Originally Posted by knowsbleed View Post
I was so pissed that he never transformed back into an SR-71... those planes were badass. I used to see them fly all the time when I lived in Okinawa back in '87. Seeing them break the sound barrier is quite a sight.
I am so jealous!!!

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