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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

I have no problem with seeing Bruce Wayne's journey unfold. Like others have said, some of my favorite scenes in the Nolan trilogy are just about Bruce Wayne.

His flashback of being pulled out of the well by his father, his training with Ras Al Ghul, his conversation with Alfred after Rachel's death..

Bruce is what makes Batman.. Batman. Bruce Wayne is the reason why we care about Batman so much. Becuase we, the viewer are so invested in the character through all of his trials.

But it's comments like this..

Originally Posted by DACrowe
Yes, I am sure toy manufacturers and some children can be disappointed that there isn't enough superheroics.
That annoy me. It implies a sense of "You only watch Batman for explosions and fight scenes. How ignorant. You aren't watching the movie right. I like the journey of Bruce Wayne."

There's nothing wrong with giving Bruce Wayne a focus. Batman Begins didn't show Batman until an hour into the movie, and I loved every minute of it. But Batman Begins didn't forget that it is a BATMAN movie. There was plenty of Batman later on. There was a balance.

TDKR didn't have a balance. There was hardly any Batman in it at all.

Let me ask you this: When the trailers for this movie came out, tell me, were you more pumped for the scenes of Bruce Wayne as a recluse, or his battles with Bane?

Were you more excited to see scenes of Bruce talking with Alfred? (I admit those scenes are good though) or did you want to see Batman's first meeting with Catwoman?

Were you more excited to see the epic finale, telling us how Batman's journey would end, or did you just want to see Bruce sitting in the pit?

Or, let me ask you this: Did you think the videogame, Batman: Arkham Asylum, wasn't any good because Batman never took off his mask?

Just because Bruce Wayne has a mask on, doesn't mean he isn't Bruce Wayne anymore. He's still there underneath that mask.

I think it's a legitimate complaint to say TDKR needed more Batman.
Batman was only in it for 20 minutes total, and that's out of a movie that's nearly THREE HOURS LONG.

I think it was a huge error on Nolan's part to have so much focus on Blake, a (boring) new character, in a finale to the Batman story.

As someone else said in this forum, I feel like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfect.

I wish he could have a "do-over" movie. Just have Nolan come in an say: "Hey guys, Yeah, I agree, that last one wasn't so good. Forget that movie ever happened. We're gonna try again to do a proper end to this trilogy."

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