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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by CJ View Post
But it's comments like this..

That annoy me. It implies a sense of "You only watch Batman for explosions and fight scenes. How ignorant. You aren't watching the movie right. I like the journey of Bruce Wayne."
I was responding to this post:

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Its what brought me to the theatre. I imagine most toy manufacturers have a wider ratio of selling Batman figures over Bruce Wayne.
I brought up toy manufacturers in response to that, smart guy. But please continue projecting your straw man arguments onto me and putting words in my mouth. But please, next time, know at least what I was saying.

P.S. I was excited for the whole movie. I didn't post here a whole lot to avoid spoilers. I wasn't even sure there was a backbreaking in this or that Alfred was going to leave Bruce. I just wanted a really good story about the character. When watching it, I didn't think, "Man, where's Batman." But again, if that makes me a snob, pass the cheese and wine.

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