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Default Re: Rachel Keller as Syd Barrett

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I have a question about Syd's power.

Let's assume three subjects:
A. Syd
B. David
C. Ptonomy

If Syd touches David she swaps bodies with him and takes on his power in his body. He meanwhile, takes her body and her power?

Then, assuming close proximity and time, if David (in Syd's body) touches Ptonomy would his consciousness then swap with Ptonomy?

So then you'd have:
Syd in David's body with reality warping powers
David in Ptonomy's body with memory powers
Ptonomy in Syd's body with body swapping powers.

Now for the kicker, if Ptonomy-Syd switched with Syd-David (so Syd is back in her normal body) would she have effectively just switched David and Ptonomy and trap them in each other's bodies?
It appears to be temporary, so chances are all changes would wear off.

Also, it's just as likely that maybe she can't swap while swapped. Maybe it's not a body swapping power, as much as it's a syd switching bodies with someone power, and it would effectively be "on cooldown" until it resets.

Alternately, if it's not entirely temporary (perhaps it varies based on length of contact similar to rogue's powers) perhaps Syd hasn't always been Syd, but rather someone stole her body.

This series allows for so much mindscrewery.

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