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Default Re: Mask Of The Phantasm Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by crazy monkey View Post
I entered this forum for the first time in a while with the intent of making a similar thread, but Rockbottom beat me to it. My question is:

When are we gettin' a Special Edition of this sucker?

I'm talking about a complete digital clean-up, color correction, restoration of the shots removed for the home video release (like that great 'crane shot' of Phantasm stalking Sol behind the cars in the parking building), commentary, interviews, cast retrospective, and -- most importantly -- a tribute to the great Shirley Walker. She composed the music you're all raving about, not to mention did the same for all the DCAU shows. Sadly, she died suddenly last year.

By the way, I'll answer my own question:

Probably never.

-- END!
I agree, crazy monkey. It definately deserves an SE release.

I'd rather they put effort into that than a ton of different releases for the tv shows. They throw just a couple of episodes together of TAS, or Beyond, and even the terrible The Batman series and package those even though they know they're going to release them all as season box sets.

Ridiculous. Talk about overkill. Who would buy those?

But that had me thinking. I could have sworn the first release of MOTP, the one in the cheap cardboard case came with a featurette and some of the artwork along with the trailer.

I saw the newer release, the one with the snap case. All it had for extras was the trailer. Maybe I was imagining things back then.

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