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Default Re: Louis Leterrier dreams of a Avengers quadrilogy in one summer

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Will never happen. Would be a logistical nightmare, besides what if the first movie sucks, then what?

I agree with the "logistical nightmare" part. They're all going to end up being four very different movies. The only things connecting them being Nick Fury and other minor cameos.

They are going to need a fifth director. Someone who won't imitate any styles of the previous movies and someone who can seamlessly blend the ideas of all four directors (naturally I would hope they plan on personally collaborating at some point) without making it seem like a freak show. The Avengers film still feels pretty unreal yet it's so close to happening. I'm only afraid that it's going to feel very off because of the differing tones in the films. I am glad they've been planning this for the last couple of years. The Avengers is not something to decide on after seeing how Capt America does. It's absolutely necessary to run a thread through all four characters' franchises.

And I don't know if anyone else mentioned this but the idea of all four actually directing (something which Letterier did not even mention) is not happening. They will collaborate. But none who are members will forfeit their DGA membership (and hence their titled credibility as filmmakers) to co-direct The Avengers.

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