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Originally Posted by Zionite1 View Post
Thanos cld easily fit the beyonder type role if necessary to change Alrim to Kurse.
I do expect more supervillains in the movie not just kurse.My moneys on Hela not surtur. Surtur is best reserved for a movie that focuses on the Twilight sword/Ragnarok saga.

Thor 1 started a journey-Thors journey to becoming a worthy king of Asgard and by extension a worthy ruler of the 9 realms.
Logic dictates that during his journey Thor will have conflicts within the 9 realms-in otherwords during this journey he will only be facing 9 realm villains.The ultimate 9 realm villain is Surtur so hes best reserved for last.I expect Thors journey to becoming will be concluded by Thor 3,leading to a new trilogy with Thor dealing with threats from outside the 9 realms.
probably gunna be hela, since that woman was cast as an unrecognizeable character....maybe Hela will be the one who turns Algrim to Kurse.

Hela rules over hel, and if Algrim is to die....hear me out. He goes to Hel, gets revived into the land of the living by Hela, and she turns him into Kurse. I find it likely, with this recent casting news, that Hela will be in it.

So we got Malekith, Kurse, possibly Hela,

and as far as Sam is concerned...Surtur, that's way too much. I am sure Surtur will be referenced, maybe have a scene AND most definitely an after credit scene, but throwing him in as the main villain with this other stuff going on. Seems to unlikely. Surtur can carry a movie by himself

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