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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Yes, I'm aware he didn't create Algrim; but he created *Kurse.* There's nothing at all factually wrong with how I worded it.

Incidentally, therein lies another huge problem with bringing Kurse to the screen. We know that Algrim is in it, and therefore Algrim will, at some point, adopt the Kurse persona with its suped-up powers and armor. And we know pretty damn well that Beyonder is not going to be part of this, so the question inevitably arises: who *does* give Kurse his powers? Certainly not Malekith, since Malekith is the one who betrays him and kills him (tries to, anyway). Not Loki, since he's likely to be under "Asgardian house arrest" of some sort, and Hiddleston seems to be limited to a smaller role this time around.

There's clearly another *unannounced* major Thor villain at work here that will prove to be Kurse's creator, and that means that there's no way that we have a complete cast list yet.

It's the Power Pack. There is no justification or making excuses here. Any time you get your butt beat by a bunch of fourth graders, it's not gonna look good on your supervillain resume. (But for the record: everybody gets beat by the Power Pack sooner or later. Even Dr. Doom, Hulk, Zzaxxx,'s just something of a "no ****in' way" joke continuity that "serious business" fanboys can't agree to as "real" canon; kinda like Squirrel Girl or Howard the Duck.)

JMS had the best Thor run. Simonson was great, but he ran the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous....yes, he created an outstanding saga in the Twilight Sword, but he also made what a lot of fans considered to be a mockery of the title, with new characters like Beta Ray Bill and "Frog Thor" regarded as so much silliness.

And the Twilight Sword Saga combined elements of both. Surtur's war on Asgard remains one of the title's finest hours, but Malekith is nothing but a setup for Surtur, and as a character, he shades towards the silly side, too (sorry, it's impossible to accept a cross-dressing glam metal reject as even remotely cool, past, say, 1987; can't believe they didn't go for David Bowie or Dee Snyder to play the role....too obvious, I guess )
Yeah. Which is why I think this movie will set up Thor 3 with Surtur

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