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Default Re: Doctor Who - Regeneration 9

Originally Posted by Manic View Post
I think Davison's era had some really good stories ("Kinda" probably being my favorite) and he has the best regeneration by a mile, but I've always seen him as a little dull compared to the other Doctors. He comes off as a very Default Doctor. His most stand-out trait is that he's a big cricket fan. That doesn't draw me in like the sillier, more cryptic, nihilistic, or romantic Doctors.

I really like Pertwee, but I just happen to like everyone I listed before him more. Yes, even Colin. He got a major boost from the audios, along with McGann.
See I like the fact he's sort of the more human and downtrodden Doctor. It's just litte things he copies from other Doctors aswell, but just little bits and only some times. I love the bit in The Visitation where he places out some stuff, looks at it and says something like "I really should put together a proper survival pack one of these days". And when he leaves in The Five Doctors and runs away in the TARDIS. you can totally picture a younger Hartnell doing it the same way.

I just really like Davison I think. He's a very likable actor and he plays the perfect Doctor that's always doomed to failure because he's trying too hard to save one person.

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