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Default Re: The Princess Diana/Wonder Woman Thread

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Yup, it worked out great too cuz Liam had to start off as Ducard and it was perfect for him. So when he makes the turn into Ras it has more impact cuz ur not used to him playing a villain. DDL you would expect it from the start I think.
Funny thing about that. I was on these boards when Liam was announced (posted under a different name back then) and a lot of people here immediately assumed that he was playing Ra's. People seemed to accept it fairly well. Then a few days later, the news came out that he was actually playing Ducard and that Ken Watanabe would be playing Ra's. Some people were unsure how this would work, but some of us were down with the idea. Then, a month or so later, some a**hole who had read the script went around to every thread he could posting "Ducard is Ra's." He was quickly banned, but the damage was done. I always wished I hadn’t gone onto the Hype that day because I’ll never know if I’d have been able to figure out that Ducard was really Ra’s while watching the film.

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