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Default Re: The Look of the Turtles

Originally Posted by Cassandra Cain View Post
It's like they were setting themselves up for failure by doing this. By selling the rights to Nickolodeon, there's no doubt the target audience will always, in the long run, be children. Maybe they would've been better off with Disney; Disney owns Marvel and they are doing a FANTASTIC job so far (*cough* Avengers).

Even more irony is that it seems Eastman and Laird don't mind that Bay is changing the origins of the Turtles. They said the idea of a Turtle planet was exciting (not a direct quote of course, but something to that effect). Why the heck would anyone, especially creators that have made characters and a story like this so original, farce or not, be okay with someone butchering their creation like Bay is? Especially when their fanbase is so immense and loyal! I don't get it.
Actually, Laird bought all of Eastman's share of the turtles, and was VERY STRICT in their portrayal ( He hated the 87 toon, that's why he supervised the 2003 toon and based it more on Mirage). He was the one who sold it to Nick ( for about 30 million), because he siad he was tired of dealing with the turtles. Eastman seems to like everything, that's why he was on board with the female turtle Venus, and supported Bay's changes. Laird didn't like what Bay was doing to the turtles, and stated it on his blog about the leaked script.

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