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Default Re: SIDESTORY - Valkyrie

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
For what is worth, Lana was the main love interest for the better part of the show's tenure, so she deserves a better ending than what she got.
...better...part...? Well, that depends on what you mean: I didn't have a problem with her with the first seasons, but afterwards I did hate how the character was treated, and wished she would go away. We all know the problems, so there is no need to repeat them all again, but I will say this: why did they overuse the romance between Lana and Clark WHEN WE AND THE WHOLE WORLD KNEW that it is Lois and Clark, was always going to be Lois and Clark, and no matter how many times Lana and Clark got together again, went to bed, broke up and repeat, it was never going to be any different?!

As for her getting a proper send off; because this is Smallville Lana, and not...Lana, I'm either kinda biased or on the fence. Because of how dumb they took the character til the end, how she left in Requiem is just proof of how the show handled her: the fact that she was a poison to Clark, and his character development, they couldn't properly have her go, they had to literally make her poison to Clark by having her become kryptonite to keep her away from Clark, so the repeated pauses of his development wouldn't happen again. Ironic. Plus, if she and Clark see each other again in Valkyrie (even though its a sidestory), what does that say about those characters when you look at where they are versus where they were and why? It just makes the characters worse, by saying that when you put them together, they're just...stupid, unless they're apart, then they're fine and smarter in their actions; no other way to say that. The only hope we have is BQM: he hasn't written anything yet on this series thats bad, so the story he has might be better than what we're thinking, and he might be able to pull off a sendoff for Lana that might be pefect (unless it's not a sendoff at all).

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