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Default Re: ***Official X4 Campaign*** [JOIN US!]

Im sure that Days of future past will make possible the return of Cyclops. If not by the end of the movie, for the very next film.

Soo..... taking into account that, and if Bryan is attached to direct X4, thing Im sure would will do, Bryan will get back not only Cyclops but Nightcrawler too. And.... hopefully they show Gambit joining the x-men finally.

If Fox and Singer do that, Im 100% the hype would get crazy.

Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Rogue and Gambit more the rest on the same movie would be such an epic watch. And Im sure the 90's show fans will be really really hyped.

Just to imagine James Marsden, Hugh Jackman and Taylor Kitsch sharing some scenes together..... Wow, would be amazing. and the girls would get crazy, for sure! lol

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